Long time no see!

Hello, blog! It’s been quite a long time- a couple of months in fact. How time flies when you’re scrambling to get everything done, eh? Well, things are much calmer in my life now, so I’m back to give this another go.

What’s been going on? Well, as I mentioned before, I was attempting two very large things in November 2015: completing NaNoWriMo, and studying for the JLPT. I have done both before, and succeeded at both before. However, trying to do both at the same time? 0/10 not recommended!

Still, somehow I managed to pull through, and what happened immediately afterward? The holidays. *dun dun duuun*

Present-shopping, party-going, food-eating, plane-riding, family-meeting, picture-taking holidays. And here I thought once December hit I’d be good as gold and able to get back into the swing of things. But! Now it’s January, and things really have calmed down. For now. So! I will be getting back into the swing of posting weekly if possible.

My goal for this year is to be as consistent as possible with Stefanie, What?! A secondary but also important goal is I’d like to reach out to some bloggers that I’ve followed over the past few years and show a little more appreciation for their efforts in keeping the rest of us entertained and informed with whatever they choose to share with us. This starts now.

Hope you all had great holidays, and see you next week!

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