Hello! Welcome to this blog.

Who are you?

I’m Stefanie, the creator of this blog. I have been living in Japan for over a decade, and writing for a good chunk of that time. I love baking, travel, music (especially playing taiko), and writing.

What’s the point of this blog?

To share my experiences. 90% of them are Japan-related, as that is where I am based, but you’ll also find posts about trips to other countries, books I’ve read, tests I’ve taken, and so on.

Where can I read more of your writing?

Stuff others have published: Encounters With Kyoto: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 3

Stuff I’ve helped make: Kyoto Cryptids (whimsical horror lit. magazine)

Volume 1: Distant Thunder

Volume 2: Wild Geese Return

I like your stuff!

Thanks! Feel free to drop me a comment on this blog, or to follow me at @stefaniewhat on Twitter and/or Instagram if you want to find more stuff!

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